Sandwizz® Breadboard

Tradition Meets Innovation in Electronics Design

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At Microaware®, we’re reimagining the traditional approach to electronics design with our groundbreaking Sandwizz® Breadboard concept.

We’ve stepped back to rediscover and embrace what makes a conventional breadboard so appealing.

– its simplicity and accessibility.

With the Sandwizz® Breadboard, we retain these core qualities while adding a revolutionary twist to address the challenges that often deter people from using traditional breadboards.

Turning Your Electronic Design Vision into Reality

– Step by Step

It Starts with an Idea or New Learning

  • Everything begins with an idea or new learning. Imagine an electronic solution or concept, and visualize it through an electronic diagram.
  • Design in E-CAD
  • Use E-CAD software to create your circuit design. This design becomes the heart of your project and forms the basis for the physical breadboard layout.

Netlist upload

  • Upload the E-CAD-generated netlist to the Sandwizz™ Breadboard for further processing.

Integrated Components and Smart Placement

  • The Sandwizz® Breadboard is embedded with a wide range of both analog and digital components. The algorithm prioritizes the use of these embedded components in your design and automates the internal connection process within the breadboard, making the use of physical wires almost unnecessary. Only when needed, the algorithm will recommend inserting additional components into the breadboard.

Place and Test Components

  • Follow the instructions to position your components. The Sandwizz® Breadboard validates each step to ensure correct setup and functionality. This will be achieved through electrical current probing and voltage measurements. If a component is misplaced, the Wizard will detect it and prompt to correct the error.
  • This step-by-step approach will ensure that the ECAD topology is transferred 1-1 to the breadboard, and if the schematic circuit is constructed correctly, it will result in a functional circuit on the breadboard.

Modular Expansion with Library Cards

  • The Sandwizz® Breadboard offers modular expansion with one or more layers of library cards that are inserted underneath the breadboard. This unique ‘Sandwizz’ feature enhances the design’s versatility and capacity by integrating additional components with the embedded components on the main breadboard.

Cascade Coupling for Expanded Area

  • The Sandwizz® Breadboard allows for the cascading of multiple breadboards to expand the physical design area, ideal for larger and more complex projects. This is done by the electrical connectors in both ends of the Breadboard.



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